EI Marketplace 初創格仔舖

To promote innovative and entrepreneurial spirits, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education Unit of EdUHK Library will organise “EI Marketplace 初創格仔舖”, an online-offline business consignment event for EdUHK student to practice entrepreneurship.

Details (updated 17 September 2020):

Period: 1 May 2020 to 31 March 2021
(training and workshops conducted in May 2020, consignment shop started on 1 June 2020)
  1. A consignment shop (格仔舖) has been set up at EI Hub on LP/F of MMW Library (temporarily relocated to G/F of MMW Library from 17 September to late December 2020) which will accommodates about 20 showcase boxes. Each participating Student Team has been assigned a box to showcase their products and/or services, and a QR code will be provided on the box redirecting interested visitors to the Team’s dedicated webpage (please see 2 below) to learn more about their products/services and to make enquiries. Promotional images and videos of products are also shown on all suitable LCD displays inside and outside MMW Library.
  2. A dedicated “EI Marketplace” website has been set up. Each Student Team has their own webpage to introduce their products and services. Interested parties can make enquiries or do online chats with the Student Teams via their webpages. However, the website is mainly a portal for marketing and promotion. All transactions will be made off-line and there will be no online financial transactions.
  3. Student Teams can also promote their products onsite, including face-to-face business interactions and marketing in Mini Markets arranged by the Organiser. The Organiser is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. Details of Mini Markets will be announced as soon as possible.
  4. Training and event promotion have been conducted online in May and June. More intensive on-campus and online promotion will be done regularly.
Eligibility of Participation: All EdUHK students either as an individual or in a group. Groups with at least two student members are preferred. Since this activity is partially funded by the UGC, priority of acceptance will be given to local undergraduate students as required by the UGC.
Participation Fee and Deposit for EdUHK Students: A total of $200 per successful application, including non-refundable Participation Fee of $100 and refundable Deposit of $100. Deposit is redeemable upon meeting all requirements specified in paragraph 8 of “Guidelines” (Appendix 1).