Why Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education at EdUHK?

To align with the University’s Mission in the Strategic Plan 2016-2025:

We will … prepare our students to become educators and professionals who can integrate theory and practice, and who are creative, innovative, intellectually active, entrepreneurial, socially caring and globally aware …


Objectives of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education at EdUHK

The main purpose of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education (EIE) at EdUHK is not to develop entrepreneurs but to develop students with entrepreneurial and innovative minds. Through EIE, EdUHK students will develop personal attributes and transferable generic skills that form the basis of an entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour. As a result, EdUHK students in general will:

  • Understand the potential of applying entrepreneurial skills in education and other professions
  • Be able to identify the steps for researching the potential of an innovative idea, as well as resources and steps required for introducing change in education and other professions
  • Recognize the importance of creativity and innovation, and be able to carry out needs assessment for innovation in their future occupations
  • Display the ability to manage resources needed for their university education and their future occupations.
  • Be able to communicate new ideas effectively using a variety of media
  • Develop ethical and social competencies and capabilities

Since most of EdUHK undergraduate students are education major and over 90% of them are employed in education sector, EIE at EdUHK will use commercial business venture as a departure point and focus more in education and education related business (e.g. publishing), arts management, freelance services as well as NGOs and social enterprises. This will also make EIE at EdUHK distinct from EIE at other universities.


Roles of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education Unit

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education Unit (EIEU) is set up as a University-level unit under the Library:

  • To serve as a resources platform for nurturing entrepreneurial culture among EdUHK students and staff which will:
    • Enhance student experience and employability in education and other professions
    • Achieve excellence in learning and teaching
    • Foster innovation in research approaches
    • Improve knowledge transfer processes
    • Contribute to local and regional economic and social development
    • Create an international presence
    • Enhance reputation, competitiveness and distinctiveness of EdUHK
  • To offer students with formal and informal opportunities to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills, capabilities and mindsets in a problem-based and outcome-based setting
  • To co-ordinate and consolidate expertise and resources for EIE among various academic and administrative units of the University

Provision of funding to students for their projects is not a key role of EIEU as sourcing and securing resources will be part of the key learning aspects of EIE.


Engagement of EdUHK Staff

To achieve its roles and objectives, EIEU will need and will encourage engagement of colleagues from different departments and units of the University:

  • Academic and teaching staff from Faculties and Academic Departments with social services and entrepreneurship background may serve as partners, advisors, instructors and mentors
  • Professional staff and experts from Academic Support and Administrative Departments such as Student Affairs Office, Alumni Affairs and Development Office, Finance Office, Estates Office, etc. may serve as professional advisors and collaborative partners, especially in communicating with students, financial management, event organization and management, sourcing and liaising with donors and sponsors, etc.

We welcome any EdUHK colleagues who are enthusiastic about promoting and engaging in entrepreneurship and innovation education to participate in EIEU’s operation and projects.


Priority Areas

EIEU will prioritize its resources to support students’ innovative projects in the following areas, both profit and non-profit, which are more related to the EdUHK curriculum:

  • Arts management
  • Creative arts and culture
  • Education related business
  • Environment
  • Freelance services
  • Language studies
  • Parent education
  • Service learning
  • Social enterprises
  • Special education


Expected Learning Outcomes

Students who participated in EIE will develop the following characteristics and skills:

  • Creativity
  • Design thinking
  • Ideation
  • Innovation
  • Resources planning
  • Risk management and risk taking
  • Socially caring


Services to be Provided by EIEU

  • Individual and series of workshops
  • Experiential Learning Courses (ELCs) co-organized with academic departments
  • Capstone Projects of new Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Consultancy and professional advice by academic staff, external experts and practitioners.
Event organization
  • Field trips, site visits
  • Exchange with external parties
  • Workshops by experts
  • Work placement
  • Student Fair
Networking and matching
  • Experts within EdUHK
  • Practitioners and external experts
  • Potential mentors
  • Potential donors
Provision of resources
  • Students will have easy access to print and electronic resources on entrepreneurship, innovation, design thinking and ideation selected from the Library Collection in a purposely designed Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (EI Hub):
    • Provides co-working spaces and shared office for students starting their projects or business
    • Located on Lower Podium Floor of Library and opens 24 hour
    • Serves as space for general office works, consultation, planning, group work, and meeting with internal and external partners
    • Houses a special library collection on entrepreneurship and innovation
    • New technologies such as VR, AR, 360 video, 3D printing, laser cutting, etc. will be supported by Library and Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (LTTC)



If you are interested in learning more about the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education Unit, please contact us on 29486511 or email to eieu@eduhk.hk.